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Castling IT is primarily focused in providing a full spectrum of BPO - Business Process Outsourcing Services in the area of software design and development, call center/customer support, accounting, administration, inventory management, data entry services, research, hosting and risk analysis for medium sized enterprises.
As a company grows, so do its information requirements. To respond to change an organization must reevaluate and reengineer its information systems to achieve financial and operational goals. Often client knows they need to enhance their IT services but are not sure of problems or capabilities of existing resources. Castling IT Solutions can assist executives in taking a step ahead and assessing the current and future environment requirements to meet their objectives.
We design, develop and deliver systems in weeks and months instead of months and years. Our architecture will be simple to implement and flexible enough to change as your business needs evolve and adapt. It will be scalable and built on proven, low-cost technologies that won't require an army of IT staff to maintain. And above all, it will be tailored to your business requirements, to your processes and work flows, and to your budget constraints.
If you are a web hosting company or anyone who wants us to remain transparent, the Transparent Affiliate Program is perfect for you. This program allows your customers to register and host domain names from your site without having to learn of the existence of Castling IT Solutions. As a Transparent Affiliate we will customize a domain name look up box with your logo that allows your customers to search, register and manage their domain names in real-time from your Web site. You set the price for domain name registrations and hosting. We will manage your client's technical requests.
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